300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - 300 Yoga TTC In Rishikesh

300 Hour Teacher Training is also called Advance Yoga Teacher Training.This Training is conduct for 45 days. This is the full-time regular course for Yoga teacher.

Duration Of The Course

This is the Full Time Yoga Teacher Training , Its extended over Period of 45 days. It will be conducted six days in a week.

Why Take It??

One reason why you would want to do the 300-hour yoga teacher training is simply because you already have 200 hour yoga training for discovered one layer of Yoga after that you would like to know that lies beneath the surface. Yoga is a Science in which unending possibilities because the more you scratch the more enlightenment you get and you realize that it is you who holds the key to living a fulfilled life. The main reason to get the 300 hour course is that you get more knowledge about Yoga Science.

Objectives Of The Course

-> The main objective of yoga is Learning practice and teaching methodology of asana, pranayama and meditation.

-> To develop among the participant the skills in effectively imparting of Yoga-training

-> Ethical guideline for a yoga teacher to have a better student-teacher relationship.

-> Yoga can be seen not only as a way to get into shape but also as a tool for self healing. and For deepali study of Yog sutras and Vedanta.