500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Extensive Yoga Teachers Training Program (2 Month)

we are provide best interested Yoga Teacher Training for 2 months full time yoga teacher training in haridwar , rishikesh , uttarkashi , himalayan in india. After 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainig you should do 500 hour yoga teacher training.

Duration Of The Course

This is the Full Time Yoga Teacher Training , Its extended over Period of eight weeks. It will be conducted six days in a week.


The main Purpose of 500 hour Yoga Techer Training is to prepare an Extensive Yoga Teacher to the trainees, so that they teach Yoga Teacher Training in properly way. Yoga teachers need to be equipped with fundamentals of Yogic principles and practices and their practical approaches for the proper implementations in the group mass for their physiological, cognitive and etc. keeping above things in mind The syllabus of the course includes all components of the basis of Yoga, Yogic Practices and its Teaching method.

Objectives Of The Course

-> Yoga is a best thing our life and after a good practice of Yoga , the mind becomes vibrant.

-> To batter teaching of Yoga principals and Practices.

-> To develop among the participant the skills in effectively imparting of Yoga-training.

-> To help Participants learn various techniques necessary for Yoga teaching.

-> Yoga also cures behavioral disorders, nervous breakdown and manic depressions. Yoga can be seen not only as a way to get into shape but also as a tool for self healing.