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According to scholars, the circular form of an object is called a Pind. At the time of pindadan, the material which is made for the deceased and made by combining the flour of rice or rice is called spherical pind. Though there are various pilgrimage sites forPinddan in India, but Haridwar is considered to be the best place. It is believed that by offering pindadan and worshiping shraddh, the ancestors get salvation. Haridwar is located in Uttarakhand state of India. Lord Vishnu’s foot print located at Har Ki Pauri. According to beliefs that the drop of nectar fell at Har Ki Pauri, due to which the MahaKumbhMela is also celebrated at this place.People also take out portions for crows, dogs and cows during Shraddh. It is believed that the dog and the crow are close to Yama and the cow crosses the Vaitarani.

Importance Of Pinddaan

Method of Pind Daan

01:- Wearing white clothes while doing PindDaan or shraadh.

02:-Build Pind from dough or bagasseThen worship the object with rice, raw cotton, flowers, sandalwood, sweet, fruits, incense sticks, sesame curd etc.

03:- After chanting this mantra with the object in the hand, leave the body between the thumb and index finger after "IndPindTebhyahSwadha".

04:-Worship ancestors after performing Pindadan. After this, lift the Pind and flow it into Ganga Ji.