Pottery Tour - Haridwar Rishikesh Pottery Tour

Pottery is an ancient art for making various important things using clay. Pottery is powerful medium to represent your emotions through art. Each piece of pottery is visual message in its shape and color. Potters use wooden wheels, clay and colors to create water pots, flower pots and lamps.

India has a great and ancient tradition of pottery making. The origin of pottery in India can be traced back to the neolithic age. During first millennium BC, painted grey ware was found in parts of North India and the Gangetic plains. Over time India's simple style of molding clay went into an evolution. Pottery was first introduced during the neolithic period. Pottery products are widely used in India. Pottery was initially used only for making utensil but now it is also used in decorative items. Various artists have their own styles and designs. Our pottery tour will take you to pottery workers where you can experience their art. You can interact with them. They will also give you some tips for pottery work. Later you can also make something for you.

Type of Tour Package

Half day private tour from Haridwar as well as Rishikesh with English speaking guide.

Cost of Tour Package

01 Pax = 40 US $ single person (Rs.2000/- Approximately)
02-04 Person = 30 US $ per person(Rs.1500/- Approximately)

Time of Tour Package

This tour is operated daily. Tour needs 05 to 06 hours.

Tour Package Includes

English speaking guide, mineral water, Some Fast food, Ac Car.

Tour Does Not Includes

lunch or any other cost. Other additional chargeable activities are meeting with an astrologer, yoga, spa or meditation.

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