Swarg Ashram Rishikesh
Rishikesh Swarg Ashram

Swarg Ashram - Swarg Ashram Rishikesh - Rishikesh Swarg Ashram

Swarg Ashram is a little township found 5 km upstream from Rishikesh, on the left bank of the Ganges, inverse to Shri Shivananda Ashram. It can be come to by two different ways - either by intersection stream Ganges by vessel or by strolling through the Ram/Shivanand Jhula worked over the waterway. The ashram was worked in the memory of Swami Vishudhanand, the holy person otherwise called Kali Kamli Wala (the holy person with a dark cover) among the territories. There are loads of ashrams, sanctuaries and caverns, occupied by holy people, inside the Swarg Ashram.

Swarg Ashram likewise incorporates a few bistros, stores, shopping edifices, libraries, parks, contemplation focuses, Ayurvedic dispensaries, eateries and inns. The zone lies in the midst of timberland slopes, with excellent plantations and an air that is free from the contaminations of a mechanized city. The territory comprises of a many expansive ashrams, by and large a few story structures, with several rooms that fill in as private quarters for clerics, explorers, understudies and sightseers searching for a conservative settlement.

Inside the ashram premises, there are a few sanctuaries and various places of worship, every one of them portraying various Hindu gods. Each sanctuary is going by a cleric who deals with the hallowed place and the living group. A few religious services, such as droning, parades and additionally birth and passing functions, frequently happen inside the Swarg Ashram. All these private cells, sanctuaries, bistros and different buildings that frame a piece of the Swarg Ashram are kept up by a trust called 'Kali Kamliwala Kshetra'.

Kali Kamliwala Kshetra trust has been sorted out by the devotees of Swami Vishudhanand. It is a mammoth association for the sake of Swami Vishudhanand, grasping a few exercises. Swarg Ashram is exceptionally prominent among outside voyagers too, basically as a result of the ethnic touch that it gives them. They fundamentally visit this place for 'Yoga visits' and 'an investigation of Ayurvedic solutions'. It is a perfect goal for every one of those individuals who love to have a word with nature and are profoundly disposed.

How to Reach Swarg Ashram Rishikesh

Swarg Ashram is situated a bit far away from the Rishikesh Bus Stand that is 6 kilometers. The railway station is a auxiliary back and is 14 kilometers away from the Ashram. The Jolly Grant Airport positioned on the National Highway 7 is 33 kilometers away.

Note: Valley of Flowers Trek - Group Departure will start from 1st July 2022 and the total amount for the entire journey will be INR 14,999 per person.