Sivananda Ashram - Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh - Divine life society in Rishikesh

Sivananda Ashram (The Divine Life society)

Sivananda Ashram is located near Ram Jhula Rishikesh. Swami Sivananda stayed here for more than 03 decades and had started this Ashram. Organization is also known as Divine Life Society. Swami Sivananda was physician in early life. He came to Rishikesh at the age of 37 years and started this ashram in small cowshed. Sivananda Ashram (Devine life society) has also everyday yoga classes except Sunday. Ashram has separate timings for men and women. Morning classes are for men and evening classes are for women. Reservation is required for classes. Two month courses are also available. Meditation Classes and Pranayam classes are also available. Ashram is specialized in Iyengar Yoga.

It is a remarkable achievement of the Founder, His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda, who from the year 1936, has built up the wonderful mansion of 'Divine Life' brick by brick, on the firm foundations of purity, integrity, nobility and magnanimity. The ideals of the Society are lofty, most practicable and within the reach of every human being, irrespective of position, caste, colour, country and creed. The Institution caters to the cultural needs of all ranks of people, to whatever class they may belong. Each one can tap whatever suits him the best according to his stature and intellectual or spiritual attainments. The holy river Ganga flows by the side of the Ashram, coming down from the icy regions of the Himalayas, carrying with her the message of seers and sages of the past and the present, thus in a way keeping intact the connection between the ancient and the modern and nourishing the body and the mind of the wearied soul in its earthly sojourn. There is also available a Jnana Ganga (river of knowledge) emanating from the prolific pen of the Great Master Sri Swami Sivananda and his direct disciples, whom the Master has chiseled and mounded into his own pattern with the laudable idea of enabling them to continue and further the cause of his lofty mission.

The Divine Life Society carries out its object of a world-wide revival of spirituality through publication of books, pamphlets and magazines dealing scientifically with all the aspects of Yoga and Vedanta, universal religion and philosophy, and ancient medicine; holding and arranging cultural and spiritual conferences and discourses; establishing training centers for the practice of Yoga and the revival of true culture; and taking such other steps from time to time as may be necessary for bringing about a quick moral and spiritual regeneration in the world.

Sivananda Ashram is performing the famous Ganga Arti at his own Ghat in early morning and evening.

History of Sivananda Ashram

Sivanand ashram founded in 1936 by Swami Sivananda, one of the great yogis of the last century, was the first to open its doors to the West in the 1930s and the introduction to the science of yoga.

Swami Sivananda is a Brahmin born in Tamil Nadu. Its reputation for excellence, kindness and generosity earned him many disciples and students who are themselves become leaders in the world of yoga. Among the most famous are found Swamis Vishnu Devananda, Chidananda, Sivananda Radha and Andre Van Lysbeth to name a few. Abdul Kalam, the current President of India, said in his autobiography that his meeting with Swami Sivananda was a defining moment of his life, he was entered in the contest to become a pilot in the Air Force, and was readjusted. He visited Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh, and this encouraged him to continue on his way without despair and cultivate a positive mental attitude, to find his own way.

Swami Sivananda taught that to become a member of his ashram, he had to join the first three principles of the yamas (moral principles of the Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali). Non-violence, integrity and purity are the foundations that lead to the mastery of the body, breath and mind to go beyond the mind to self-realization. He encouraged many yoga practice and often repeated a bit of practice is better than tons of theory.

To those who visited his ashram he taught the practice of the four main branches of yoga: Raja, Bhakta, Jnana and Karma. He wrote more than three hundred books on various aspects of Yoga, Hinduism, and Vedanta. But with great simplicity, he summed up the essence of his teaching in these words "Serve, love, give, purify, meditate and realize. Be good, do good, Be sweet, be compassionate. Adapt yourself, adjust yourself to every situation! "

After death of Swami Sivananda his death his successor Swami Chidananda took over, and has traveled the world to spread the teachings of Yoga and Vedanta. Under his leadership, the ashram became a center of spiritual influence. Modern India celebrated its spiritual fulfillment in 1999-2000 in a national magazine and named the wise years. Today, the ashram has a great reputation of a yogi, Swami Yogaswarupananda who with great kindness answers questions from students in yoga. Daily classes are led by trained instructors to learn the benefits of yoga. The rigorous teaching explores the essential elements of yoga postures accompanied by breath awareness, meditation, and relaxation. The French readily connect to Padma (Yogacharini Shivajyoti), a Togolese Franco is responsible for Hatha Yoga classes for women.

In this relaxing setting opposite the Ganges and the green hills of the valley of the Himalayas, Yoga lovers can indulge their passion for yoga. In this paradise on earth, they will find harmony in the heart of life.

Things to do in Sivananda Ashram

In the Sivananda Ashram you can do your puja with the help of swami. sivananda Ashram is famous for Yoga & meditation.

Places to Visit near Sivananda Ashram

The famous Ram Jhula is located only 50 meters from Sivananda Ashram. You can go by walk & see some ashrams around Ram Jhula like Geeta Bhawan, Swargashram and Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

How to Reach Sivananda Ashram

Its only 30 km far from Haridwar, 240 km from Delhi, 35 km from Dehradun, 20 km from Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, 70 km from Mussoorie. You can go by taxi, by bus & by your private vehicles. Auto rickshaws (Tuk Tuk) also available for Shivananda Ashram.